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Hey guys! My name is Keilah. I am a 20-something wife with red hair, I laugh way too loud, coffee is my kryptonite, and I have so many sparkly things I am constantly sweeping up glitter in my house. I will never say no to chocolate, and if someone does the dishes for me I just might love them forever. Cloudy weather is my FAVORITE, so it's a good thing I live near Seattle. ;) 

I am passionate about families, redemption, and living purposefully. That includes leaving a visual legacy for the next generation. 

YOU are my first priority. I love to make my clients feel like the million bucks that they are. It’s important to me that my photo shoots are comfortable and fun, and that my clients are totally at ease. There should be no stress! During the editing process, I make sure that every picture is flattering, beautiful, and full of your personality. Trust me, I do this every day, and I love the sparkle in your eyes when you see your images for the first time.

So tell me, how can we help your dream come true today?

“I don’t want my audience to see my pictures and think I am sharing my passion so that they will hire me. I want them to realize the importance of printed photographs, and see the indispensable¬†value in capturing the memories for their children and grandchildren.” -Keilah Rojas

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